“...everyday while analyzing and evaluating all ideas, I understood that often people are convinced that something is impossible, but then someone who does not know their thoughts, casually arrives and does it...”Albert Einstein


Heatfor is a dynamic and flexible company orientated to the customer requirements with the maximum attention on the technical details and on the efficiency of the service in terms of answers, assistance to the customer. Heatfor takes advantage of a twenty years experience in the electrical heating elements field of its founders; thanks to the knowledge gained Heatfor is able to satisfy the customer requirements and to realize customized products. The continuing research of new technological solutions, with particular attention to the safety and to the respect of the ambient , is one of the main value for Heatfor company. The constant and careful control of the production process guarantees the maximum reliability of the “Company system” and the maximum level of the product quality. The capillarity of the sales network, agents and distributors working always on the side of the customers, allows to be competitive on the international market. The common philosophy of the Heatfor workers and managers is working with maximum responsibility and awareness to achieve a continuous improvement.