Food professionale Service&vending

Ho.Re.Ca, synonymous with foodservice and professional catering, represents one of the markets where flexible heating elements and heating cables are mostly used. From self-service lines to display cabinets (hot and cold), from coffee machines to professional kitchens, each equipment requires the use of our components. The easy application and the high thermal distribution, allow innumerable technical solutions, adapting every heating element to the characteristics required by the customer.

Air conditioning

In the HVAC field of application, Heatfor products are largely used for the management of the defrosting cycle: heating wires for anti condensation, drain heaters, self-regulating cartridges for the water evaporation at the end of the defrost cycle, heating bands, used on the compressor crankcase and in the gas refill equipments for air conditioning, are only some examples of the potentiality of our products.
International standards require more and more high respect for the environment, reducing consumption and emissions, which are values fully in accordance with the use of Heatfor heating elements, frequently applied to radiant panels, designer radiators, baseboard heaters, etc


In the transport field of application, at all levels and of any type, heaters are used to avoid the ice formation on external control or signaling equipment. They are also managed to warm internal enclosures, cabinets, control panels, accumulators and battery packs, etc.
Where required, it is possible to customize the products in order to obtain the best performance from the heating system, optimizing the manpower’s costs.

Green Energy

The protection of the environment and the constant needs to check some alternative forms of energy, play a fundamental role in the use of electric, civil and industrial heating systems. Heatfor products are widely used in radiant ceiling panels and design heating panels, but also in the complex photovoltaic panels processes and in the control equipment of wind turbine systems.

In addition, it has to be considered that in the future, the electric heater will achieve further space and implementing rules, thanks to green energy and environment protection.

Antifreeze Systems

Sector of activity particularly sensitive at the management and control of negative and positive temperatures. Heatfor heaters are suitable as antifreeze systems and preservation of control components.

Constant power heating cables, for pipeline tracing and anti-condensation systems, allow a correct management of the systems, avoiding high costs of repairs and maintenance.

Medical Equipments

The Medical sector is particularly compatible with the use of electrical heaters. The complexity of the technological configurations required, can easily find solution in the Heatfor products, for their great adaptability in case of particular needs: sensors, customization and appropriate materials, are specific features in the realization of complex and delicate equipment.

Thermostatic baths, stirrers, bioreactors and analyzers, are just some examples of the wide range of the possible applications.