Stainless steel tubular heaters, particularly suitable for the evaporation of water condensation and, in addition, as nofrost
equipment or liquids heater.
The main feature of the PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) cartridge results to be the reduced consumption
at the maximum working temperature, proving to be particularly suitable in the power management and energy
The properties of automatic modulation of the power, depending on the temperature of the system, avoid high costs
related to additional thermal control and/or electrical safety devices.
The fixing with a brass fitting 3/8 of an inch, facilitates the installation procedures through the implementation of a
17mm diameter hole, to be carried out near the bottom of the tank housing.
Following the main features of PTC cartridge heaters:

• Automatic power management in relation to the operating temperature;
• Energy saving;
• Self-regulation of the maximum operating temperature (Curie temperature);
• Easy fixing system;
• Possibility to supply the cartridge with standard lengths or according to the customer's request;
• Generalized resistance to water corrosion.