The silicone flexible heating bands are suitable for the heating of round surfaces.
The uniform thermal distribution of the heating allows to avoid abnormal thermal expansions and to manage all the power with the
maximum efficiency. The silicone insulation guarantees 200°C maximum working temperature.
The possibility to design the flexible element according to the requests of the customer make the elements suitable for a lot of
different applications. The easy fixing way gives an extremely rapidity of installation.
Here below the main features of the silicone flexible heating bands:

• Possibility to customize shape, dimensions, voltage, power and configuration of the element;
• Extremely thin element;
• Uniform surface heating distribution;
• Easy to fix by hooks and springs;
• Possibility to control the temperature by a temperature control on the heater like thermostat, PT100, J/K probes, thermo fuses etc;
• Heating loss reduction;
• Voltage range from 12 to 400V.