This particular kind of heating cable is suitable for all those applications where a constant power along the whole length,
flexibility and high resistance at thermal excursions (-50°C +200°C) are required.
The production technology of this cable allows to manage different cutting lengths according to the steps of the
contacts, normally placed at 50 cm one from the other.
The cable is formed by 2 insulated silicone cables alternative stripped at 50 cm. The resistive wire is wrapped around
producing a parallel connection between the 2 cables. The external anti laceration silicone coating, guarantees
flexibility, strength and high electric insulation.
The electric connection of the cable is made through the stripping of the external insulation, removing the resistive
wire and the separation of the 2 cables.
This operation has to be done on both the extremity of the heating cable, paying attention to the end on the opposite
side of connection, so to avoid any short circuit.